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Rome Deco Wallpaper

17Influenced by the Eternal City, British artists, Paris and Nosca Inc, deliver a fresh interpretation of the classic interior stripe with this beautiful Rome Deco collection. Marble textures merged with vertical stripes of varying scales forge the backbone of this sophisticated design. To create juxtaposition between traditional beauty and decay, the original artwork was suspended from a window, with paint poured down onto it, to allow gravity to imbue its own delicate stripes and textures into the composition. 17 Patterns introduces metallic shimmers across this opulent collection of white, sand, rust and charcoal mica editions.

ARTISTS _ British designer, Nosca Inc is based in east London and sits at the forefront of interior art direction. Nosca champions the curation of non-conformist artists whose ideals do not fit into the gallery or agency representation mould. His diverse (and often confidential) artist services are an underground entity endorsed purely by word-of-mouth referral. He has curated major London shows for renowned, subversive artists which have featured on national TV news. He crossed over into the world of interior design in 2010, providing design, art direction and installation advisory services for interior designers.

Paris started painting in 1987, but it was in 1994, when he relocated to the south of England, that he became instrumental in the renaissance of the Bristol graffiti scene. For 20 years, Paris’ hand-crafted letter forms and abstract painting style have been applauded globally. Synonymous with breaking new ground, his art attracts high profile commissions. In 2011/12, he was the artist-in-residence for British band, Coldplay, producing the artwork for their 5th album and international tour, Mylo Xyloto; he has also produced album artwork for the Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams, and Ed Sheeran, to name a few. Paris moved to Somerset in 2013 were he began exploring the local countryside and ancient forests. It was here that he started to experiment with watercolours; painting wild mushrooms and abstract interpretations of nature, and his epic graffiti fill-ins now enrich and inform the textures and shapes of his new more natural and sublime forms.