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Love Leopard Wallpaper

17Athens-born illustrator, artist and textile designer, Christina K, presents a beautiful exploration into the wild for her 17 Patterns debut collection, Love Leopard. Using traditional and digital mark-making techniques, this alluring composition of love hearts, spot formations and peppered textured camouflage, captures the signature romance of Christina’s illustrative works. With its contrasting, delicate soft tones and darker motifs, this collection introduces a relaxing and subdued mood with a perfect blend of glamour and style. Love Leopard is delivered across four pastel palettes of lemon, caramel, peach and grey.

ARTIST _ Christina K is a London based/Athens-born illustrator, textile designer, screen printer and film producer who works with a blend of traditional and digital techniques. The melange of influences which ignite the creative inspiration behind Christina K’s work have little common ground other than an obvious energy and a bias towards the hedonistic love of visual sensation. Her illustrations have been championed by international record labels, magazines, fashion houses and TV companies that have the openness to be visually stimulating.